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Thanks for Wi-Fi Inspector
« on: January 04, 2020, 06:17:49 PM »
While running Wi-Fi Inspector I noticed an unfamiliar device name connected to my wireless network today.  I duly checked every wireless router security setting and changed wireless and wireless router admin passwords.  I do not normally use MAC filtering but while I was about it I enabled it.  I am told that MAC addresses can be spoofed so maybe this is as far as the intruder got.

How the intruder managed to get past the 32 random alpha-numeric character Wi-Fi passphrase is a mystery but my Technicolor TG585v8 internet router did not have the unfamiliar device name recorded in its internal connections records.  Perhaps the intruder did not actually manage to connect to the WWW or even to my LAN.

Anyway, a very substantial thank you to Avast for this excellent tool.  Credit where it is due and I now feel much less good about my gripe of a day or two ago about Avast displaying yellow 'promotional' caution marks on the system tray icon. :-[
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