Author Topic: Can't find exception I created?  (Read 2890 times)

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Re: Can't find exception I created?
« Reply #30 on: February 12, 2020, 03:36:40 PM »
You could try the latest beta:
Does that fix or address the problem? Or is this hollow advice designed to divert attention ... again?

I appreciate the advice but it sounds like you have no idea if this beta does or does not do anything to address my issue. What I expected was someone who was actually looking into this ot see if they could replicate it and if this is a bug in the program that others may be experiencing. A flaw in the code that a user is bringing to their attention. But, so far at least, it does not seem like Avast is interested in actually finding out what is going on here.
The last reply you received from Avast was a request to submit a file. You've never acknowledged that you sent that file.
Posting something here in the forum after receiving a request, doesn't guarantee that Avast has ever looked into anything else since they are waiting to receive a file.
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