Author Topic: Windows (all but one) from the previous session opens hidden and unusable  (Read 684 times)

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From two days ago (Thursday 13 February 2020), all the windows opened during the previous session open hidden in the background and permanently unusable (unless someone solves the problem without causing the permanent loss of these windows) except the window that was active at the end of the previous session, which is the only one to open normally visible and usable.
(I can hear the audio of two Youtube videos that are in those unusable windows in the background and start automatically)
(in my settings, in the "at startup" section, "Automatically start Avast Secure Browser at computer startup" is selected, while in the "new session" section are selected both "continue where you were left" and "open the New Tab window")
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Re: Windows (all but one) from the previous session opens hidden and unusable
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The selection for what to open at startup is one or the other.
You can select start where I left off and New Tab.
It's a toggle when you select one, it turn off the other selection.
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