Author Topic: After random 'find phone' notification, now locked out of Avast and Settings  (Read 3696 times)

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Please help!
Today my phone (Samsung S8), pinged a notification - and showed an Avast icon with a message like 'find my mobile' or similar. Once I swiped down to look at the notification, it disappeared. However, instantly Avast opened onto Apps Permission, showing that these were turned off (which was strange as I have permissions on for many apps)..and strongly recommending that I turn this on. So, stupidly, thinking I must have turned them off, I slid the button to on and clicked off a couple of items I didn't want locked, and leaving many of the recommended items such as Avast, Settings, Gallery, and my banking app all turned on - locked.

Trouble is, my phone will not accept my usual swipe pattern - the same swipe pattern I use to open my phone, and also use some of those apps earlier in the day! It is freaking me out!

I tried logging onto my Avast account online, and though it shows the location of my phone, it is not letting me send a new PIN...keeps giving an error message saying that it can't do some sort of push message, can't connect. can't find my phone. What the heck?

Anyone know what I can do, or where I can go for help with this please?

Thanks in advance!