Author Topic: 655 FF bugs and 71 security leaks  (Read 12273 times)

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Re: 655 FF bugs and 71 security leaks
« Reply #30 on: September 10, 2006, 04:11:53 PM »
Hi dk70,

The forum should be glad, with someone around like you. Well your point about different ways of computing, different ways of looking at it, is valid. The newbies and the recreational computer users like the things that come out of the box, and they also could not survive without basic security that come "as  default". The advanced users know more abou the vulnerability gap, and their multi-layered security measure, make them more or less sniff out where problems may ly ahead, and they aren't that dependant on others to provide solutions (also so with AV). This are some very general remarks, fed by experience.
FF or Flock made extensions like Christmas tree decoration, and they did it while some like a simple tree and not everybody is in need of the same extensions.
Extensions are not treated with the same programming routines general code that goes into FF or Flock is. Whenever there are problems later, someone get the bug assigned, and you know as well as I do, prevention and safe coding is always better then having to get rid of the bugs later. Then Mozilla is nothing else like in the old days: Internet Now with Netscape has been changed for Internet Now with Firefox.
The average user is not like the old pol, that fires up the old
REC 2.0 - Reverse Engineering Compiler from: to see what is there.
But then when I arrive at some insights, I can tell you why, and how, and not based on the authority of someone else (or this person knows what he is talking about, and lucky for us they are still around). Thanks for sharing your views with us in this thread, I think there are people that certainly will benefit from these insights,

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