Author Topic: problem with Permanent VPN android 6  (Read 9731 times)

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problem with Permanent VPN android 6
« on: March 01, 2020, 08:58:52 PM »
Installed SecureLine VPN application on Android tablet. Maybe someone knows how to set the "Permanent VPN" mode for this program?

The VPN menu displays the installed Avast SecureLine. In the upper right corner of the same menu there is the option "Permanent VPN". When this option is selected, a pop-up window appears with the message:
Permanent VPN
Select a permanent VPN: traffic will only be allowed when connected to this network.
And only one choice: "Do not use."

In the menu "Help / review" on this occasion it says:
Before you make a VPN permanent, follow these steps:
1. Obtain detailed configuration instructions from your administrator.
2. Add a VPN.
3. Connect to the network. When entering a username and password, select the Save credentials check box - without this, it is impossible to make the VPN network permanent.

Next is an indication of reading the instructions for adding a VPN. The VPN add menu includes the following fields:
Type (for example: PPTP, L2TP / IPSec PSK, etc.)
Server address
Checkboxes: "Encryption" and "Advanced"

Device OS - Android 6.0.1

Does such settings support SecureLine or not?
The mode of no connection when the VPN is disabled is a necessary thing, because when connected to the Android network, the device syncs even before the VPN is activated. It is not good  :-[
What is the point of such a VPN if attackers have a window when connecting to public Wi-Fi? I won’t, each time before connecting to the network, prohibit automatic synchronization of the same mail in the settings, for example.