Author Topic: Can't send MacMail email when Secureline VPN on due to virtual ip address  (Read 4892 times)

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My US email provider,, does not like the 89.x.x.x virtual address (Romania) "unable to accept email from my location".  I put in my "trusted networks" and have checked "Exclude trusted networks" but optimum still sees my virtual address.  Why doesn't it see my non-virtual address?   

Mail works fine when VPN off and incoming mail works fine with VPN on. 

Is there a way to tell Secureline VPN to use a US address (or a particular high level address) as the high level address?  If not, do I need to change email providers? 

Incoming mail is fine with VPN on.

Running MacOS Catalina 10.15.4 and Mac Mail 13.4