Author Topic: Computers requires endless restart after upgrade to 20.1 client  (Read 2892 times)

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We are using On-Premise Console version 7.16.751. We upgrade our clients to version 20.1. After that about 1/3 of all computers ended with "Restart required to apply the changes. Create a Restart task" message in console. Does not matter how many times we restart those clients, message is still there. And there is also another problem. In console I see old virus definition (date is equal to date of client upgrade, e. g. 200324-0), but if I check virus definition directly on computer, I see correct one (e. g. 200408-4). Only solution I found is uninstall and reinstall Avast, but I cannot do this od 1/3 of all computers. Any advice?

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Re: Computers requires endless restart after upgrade to 20.1 client
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2020, 04:18:02 PM »
same problem,
1/3 of clients had the same problem while renewing to avast business pro (download from link generated in console).
part of them seems ok from client side (licence ok) but from console gives me this:
Agent version
4.16.233  A new version is available: 4.19.360 from 13 Feb 2020
Program version
0.0 (0)
 A new version is available: 0.0 (0) from 1 Jan 1970
Version virus definitions
 New virus definitions available: 000000-0 from 1 Jan 1970
some other says "not licensed" on client side and everything Upgraded ( Green )

forcing reload or upgrade from console, or rebooting from client, doesn't solve the problem.
thank you fro any help