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New beta version 20.3.3117
« on: April 09, 2020, 08:37:48 AM »
Hi everyone,

I`m glad to announce that new beta version is ready - 20.3.3117 (build 20.3.5149).

What is new
  • New logic regarding login (and creating accounts) was added. Thanks to that, Recaptcha is not necessary anymore. We added a possibility to check the entered password (via the small eye). Also, you'll now find a new link for forgotten passwords.
  • Progress of virus scans got a new look. Check it out by navigating to Protection → Virus Scans and launch a scan of your liking!
  • Scan History got restructured and simplified.
  • SafePrice and Online Security browser extensions are not installed for new installations but remain installed for existing users
  • It is possible to cancel clean installation via button from installation toaster

Known issues
  • new "Cancel" button from installation toaster will be redesigned in next version (there will be proper button instead of "X" button)

Download links
Avg Free
Avg Internet Security

Enjoy this beta!
We are looking forward to your feedback.