Author Topic: Причина внесения домена к списку "угроз"  (Read 340 times)

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Добрый день.

Продукт Avast Free Antivirus
Версия продукта - 20.2.2401(сборка 20.2.5130.571)
Версия сигнатур 2004429-0
Столкнулись с проблемой, что ваш антивирус блокирует переходы на наш домен.
Линк -
Алерт -

Хотим узнать, по какой причине нас относят к числу угроз и как выйти из этого списка?

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Please post here in English language or find your own language section here:

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I apologize.

I wanted to know why the antivirus is blocking the links of our domain. No violations were reported to us. Your product also does not explain why the links fall into the block.
We would like to know how it happened and what procedure you need to go through to get the domain out of the block.

Avast Free Antivirus
v.20.2.2401(сборка 20.2.5130.571)
v. signatures  2004429-0

link 1
Alert -
link 2
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Link 3
Alert -

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Detection was removed in 01.05.2020 at 08:54 AM

Quote from: Avast
Our virus specialists have been working on this problem and it has now been resolved. The provided website isn't detected by Avast anymore.