Author Topic: Avast says You are Offline "Retry" but it knows I'm online & functions perfectly  (Read 702 times)

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When I go into settings Avast Free Antivirus says "You are offline "Retry". This is a FALSE message. (I'm using latest Avast program update.

I use NordVPN (NordLynx) and on Avast GUI opening screen at bottom it says "Your IP address is visible...." and it quotes the correct IP address of my NordLynx server -which I expect.

Updates and all Avast Free Antivirus functions are working normally and as expected.Windows 10 Security Center says it is working OK.

If I disconnect my NordVPN server and use (Google DNS) then Avast does NOT say I'm offline.

It seems crazy that the message is now appearing. I've used NordVPN for 2 years (admittedly with NordVPN UDP servers and a week ago I started using its new NordLynx servers which is built around the Wireguard protocol. which Avast seems perfectly happy with EXCEPT its FALSE "offline" message.

Any ideas how I can stop the false Avast message that I'm offline.


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Did you notice this after updating to version 20.3 or before?
Did you Restart after the update?

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Hi thanks for your interest,

Yes I did restart my PC after the Avast Free Antivirus program update.  I also reinstalled the Avast update to no avail.
I do not recall going to settings in Avast Free antivirus since I changed NordVPN from UDP to use Nordlynx servers (only a few days ago) so I cannot advise whether the "You are Offline" issue existed with the previous version of Avast Free Antivirus prior to the latest update yesterday.

I HAVE however done a little testing and as an experiment reverted to using a NordVPN UDP server (as before) and I noted after a PC reboot that Avast Free Antivirus does NOT show the Offline message.
I then reset NordVPN to use a NordLynx server again and restarted my PC and Avast Free Antivirus is again saying "I'm offline" although its working perfectly and knows I am online.

This suggests to me that whilst Avast Free antivirus (as far as I can tell) works perfectly with NordVPN's NordLynx servers (wireguard protocol) being used it is FALSELY reporting "You are offline".