Author Topic: Getting upgraded from the free Android App /There IS no human via "Contact Us."  (Read 10132 times)

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After paying for Android Avast Cleanup Pro by upgrading it on my free version through Avast/GooglePlay on an Amex card, the subscription listed at the top of my GooglePlay subscriptions page. I have only one one email address for GooglePlay, my gmail address.

There was no link to an activation code that I could find on the paid subscription listed on GooglePlay.

No acknowledgement email with a registration code arrived, either.

I bought the Avast ANTIVIRUS subscription a year ago and got it activated with no trouble.  It's about to renew.

Nothing posted as "help" worked for me. For example, the item I was supposed to click on under "Settings" wasn't there.

I could find no way to email or otherwise contact a live body by clicking on Contact Us. The damned writers of all the "Help" alternatives that came onto my screen assumed that they would both work and be understood.

Registration for the Android subscriptions also must be done on the Android phone, rather than on my Windows10 desktop, which just reduces everything to much smaller type and less room on the screen.

In utter frustration, I got a refund on the subscription.

I'd still like to use the paid app, but don't see how I'll ever get it registered. Someone needs to ask me questions and walk me through it.

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I had this same problem but was able to find my way around it. There are two options on the upgrade pop up screen and the other says something like recover licences. That did it for me.

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Posting to a topic that is 18 months old is not really going to help as much will have changed in 18 months. 

That is why there is a notice that the topic is over 120 DAYS old.
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I'm now having the same issue. Is there any support here at all? The license recovery option isn't working for me

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I'm now having the same issue. Is there any support here at all? The license recovery option isn't working for me


You don't seem to have any subscription under the email address you used on this forum.
All purchases via the Google Play store are handled by Google. You might find these articles useful:
If you do have a subscription under a different email address, please consider contacting Avast support via: