Author Topic: Avast Free Antivirus has expired - ENDLESS LOOP  (Read 2997 times)

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Avast Free Antivirus has expired - ENDLESS LOOP
« on: June 05, 2020, 07:35:23 PM »
So for the last four or five days the program has been asking me, several time a day, to "Select Protection Level" and every time I select the Free version and it completely ignores me.  A little while later it will pop up again, asking for me to "Select Protection Level".

Followed these steps:
1) uninstalled Avast
2) Downloaded latest version
3) reinstalled Avast
4) rebooted computer
5) Same problem

Then I right-clicked on the icon and selected Registration Information, upgrade now and selected free version.  No change.

I found every visible button that wants me to "Select Protection" and answered Free version and still nothing.

So, I thought, wait, maybe the regular uninstall doesn't remove everything. So I found the Avastclear.exe and rebooted into safe mode and ran that.  It looks like it ran okay.

Rebooted.  Ran CCCleaner to get rid of stuff in registry.

Installed Avast Antivirus Free with latest installation file downloaded today.

And what's the first thing that shows up on the Avast screen when it opens?

You guessed it...Avast Free Antivirus has expired.  Clicked on Select Protection and there was an extra screen where I clicked "No, Thanks" because I didn't want the free trial.

And completely ignored me AGAIN!

So if anyone knows how I can get rid of these nag screens that show up several times a day, I'd really appreciate the information. 

I've already spent about four hours on this and I'm at my limit.  If I can't get this fixed I'm finding a new virus program!

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Re: Avast Free Antivirus has expired - ENDLESS LOOP
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2020, 07:51:07 PM »
Well, I did a search and it seems that this problem has been happening for over a year and there seems to be no definite fix for the problem.  I guess it's time to search for a new antivirus program...

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Re: Avast Free Antivirus has expired - ENDLESS LOOP
« Reply #2 on: June 06, 2020, 07:12:28 AM »
Make sure Avast isn't blocked by a firewall and try again.
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Re: Avast Free Antivirus has expired - ENDLESS LOOP
« Reply #3 on: June 06, 2020, 01:05:41 PM »
Once you have uninstalled avast, find the file "license.avastlic" and delete it.
The last time I used avastclear in safe mode to uninstall avast free, the license file was not deleted , so my counter was not reset to 365 days. It may be the same thing when it expires. ???
nb: the file is in the path "C: \ ProgramData \ AVAST Software \ Subscriptions" for W10

edit:I did not try but maybe you can delete this file in normal mode even if avast is installed. For that it must be necessary to permanently deactivate the avast self defense, restart your computer, delete the file, restart the self defense and restart again.
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