Author Topic: After install, Activ Log says "! File Shield Disabled". Product chg or corrupt?  (Read 1315 times)

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Hello, recently uninstalled, then reinstalled Mobile Security for Android, paid account. When I look thru Settings, protection, there's an App Install shield and Web shield but no File Shield. When I go to the Activity log, immediately after installation and when the virus definitions were updated, the File Shield was disabled. Is this a product change that I'm missing or is something happening that has corrupted the install? Version 6.29.1-324144-972c46533. Appreciate any advice
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Hi, you are probably using Android 6 or 7, right? On some devices, especially ones with these OS versions the File Shield might work incorrectly, as we have found out earlier. Then the File Shield disables itself. I can recommend you OS update to a higher version, or enabling the File Shield manually.