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Avast Business Cloud Management Console 8.0
« on: July 02, 2020, 01:25:42 PM »
We're pleased to announce that Avast Business Cloud Management Console 8.0 has been released!

This version brings you several improvements and optimizations. Firstly, we added antivirus scans to Policies so that you don't need to create regular tasks each time you add a new device. Secondly, we added all supported one-time tasks to the Devices page so that you can send those commands directly while working with your devices. Thirdly, we updated Tasks Reports with the possibility to filter tasks by its name and Tasks tab on the device detail page so you can now see who executed each task.

A short video with main changes.

We hope you will like those changes and more are coming soon!
Console: 8.0
Win Agent: 4.21
Win Antivirus: 20.4
Mac Agent: 6.2   
Mac Antivirus: 14.5

Improvements & optimizations
•   Quick and Full System Scan were added to Policies so that all devices following the policy will be scanned accordingly.
•   It’s possible to create a task directly from the Devices page for a device or group of devices (Scans, Restart, Shutdown).
•   Increased tasks performance so that tasks are executed immediately after the task is created.
•   Added a new Tasks section to the Device detail page for tasks created from the Devices page in existing or future consoles.
•   The new Tasks section in the Device detail shows who created each task.
•   Actions to create a new task were removed from the Tasks page. All new tasks have to be created from the Devices page or by a Policy.
•   Added Important Task Changes message to the Tasks page.
•   Task name in the Tasks Report now works as a filter to show you all results of all devices included in a task.
•   Patch scan results were added to the Tasks Report.
•   Patches page shows all devices sorted by their status instead of only those In Danger.
•   Added possibility to remove a support user.

Resolved issues
•   Fixed an issue with ClientManager not running after updating Agent to 4.20.
•   Fixed an issue with the renew button after purchasing a product without auto-renewal
•   Fixed an issue with deleting users.
•   Fixed an issue with users getting an .exe installer instead of .msi from the sharable link.
•   Fixed an issue with used policies marked as unused.

Known issues
[CBC-8636]   Internal Server error when opening custom policies
[CBC-9920]   Multiple email notifications for one threat event are generated
[CBC-10294]   Device reinstallation alert after upgrade on version 4.19
[CBC-10503]   False protection components disabled alerts
[CBC-10590]   SBR: Communication layer error
[CBC-10901]   New device in installing status appearing in the console
[CBC-11256]   Devices not following assigned policy
[CBC-11788]   Multiple reboot notifications with AVG 20.4 update

Avast Business Cloud Management Console 8.0
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