Author Topic: Avast using scare tactics to encourage people to buy the vfull product  (Read 3548 times)

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I've been an Avast user for a number of years. I've been happy with it's performance, though not at all happy with their policy of 'bumping-up' the price after the 'introductory' year. Today's complaint is different: pop-up messages warning that hackers could take control of my webcam. As an example, when you click on the provided link, the program switches on my webcam, with a message saying "This is what hackers can see". Of course, nowhere does it mention that the program is actually supposed to prevent any unauthorised access to my computer. Cheap trick: this does NOT prove that my computer is easily hacked! Also, the repeated warnings popping-up in the corner of the screen, warning of various other 'problems'. These quickly become tiresome: why not just send me an occasional email, extoling the virtues of 'upgrading' to the full version.

I find these things VERY intrusive: I'm very likely to change to another anti-virus program, one which just does its job!

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If you have the paid version of Avast Premium, then you can switch the ads off, users of the Avast Free version can't.

Check your Avast UI > Menu > Settings > General > Personal Privacy section and uncheck those options you don't want.

See attached image (which is of the free version), but this is from an earlier version, but I think they are still in the same place and the paid version has more options.
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