Author Topic: The interface is prompting me to renew, but it is oversized and I cannot scroll  (Read 206 times)

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I have Avast Free and I just got a prompt that I need to renew.  But, for some odd reason, and this is the first I've seen it, the prompt is WAY bigger than the window it is in, so I cannot scroll down to click on the renew button.  I am running a PC W10 Chrome on a 4k screen.

The regular interface has always been the right size, but not this renew prompt.  I'll see if I can post a picture here.  If I cannot access the renew button, I guess I'll just have to let it expire and try to re-download it.  IDK what else to do...  The only way I can even close the window is by right-clicking on my taskbar, I cannot even close the window itself properly.

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