Author Topic: Avast Free come up with adverticing. For Prmium. All of the time.  (Read 243 times)

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Yes !
- Avast Free come up with advertising for Premium - All of the time. Again, Again and Again.
I Understand well, that Avast want to sell Avast Premium.
(And maybe I will but Premium, some day.
Is it possible to "Turn off" those advertising. So I do not seen them :
Again, Again and Again ?
OK I can "Close my eyes for these advertising" ...
But I prefer,  not have them. (If it is possible) - Is it ?
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no idea if layout is the same in free but try
menu > settings > personal privacy > untick offers

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Try the Notifications options, see attached image of my setting, I don't get much in the way of Premium Ads.

I set it to Limited rather than Silent.
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