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I keep getting a URL:Mal threat secured notification from my Avast antivirus software. When I run I scan using  Avast, it picks up no virus, malware, or suspicious threat. When I run a scan in malware bytes it also picks up no malware, viruses or threats. How do I remove this? I am running mac. The threat keeps coming up as being from the following links I have I have never been on before: or . I did some research on this, and found out it is coming from PopcornTime which is a P2P app for watching movies. I immediately deleted the app and all its contents but the pop still comes every 5 hours or so. I still have not been able to find any solid information on how to remove this threat. I fear this may be a new malware or virus that neither Avast or Malwarebytes is aware of, and it constantly trying to connect to the internet in the background, which is when avast blocks the attempt. I cannot find any information on how to remove this threat, please help me.

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I have exactly the same issue. It started about a week ago. No matter what I do, it keeps popping up and I do not know how to put an end to it, as Avast does not offer any solution.

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