Author Topic: (Mac) Deep Scan running for 3 days, but has said 98% done for over 48 hours  (Read 1546 times)

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Is there a full readout/log of the complete scan activity since start?  If so, where in the interface do I access that? I understand that a deep scan on a Mac with several drive volumes can take a long time, including multiple days... But I don't understand how the completion status can be at 98% for 2 of the 3 days.

The scan activity under the PERCENT INDICATOR remains active with files apparently still being scanned, but I am losing confidence that it is in fact a valid scan. Thus am seeking some kind of log that shows the entire 72 hour run thus far— so I can skim to see if the process is somehow corrupted.

Have others experienced this kind of "stuck at 98" status-- while the scan appears to be continuing to run?  Is this a legit readout, or does Avast artificially distort the actual percentage in some kind of consumer psychology ploy to give the idea "it's almost done"?
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Judging by the screenshot it may be trying to scan a very large external drive. Was this drive connected for the entire time? If the volume became unreachable that could explain the hang
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