Author Topic: Avast Free does not install on windows 8.1 at all  (Read 653 times)

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Avast Free does not install on windows 8.1 at all
« on: August 29, 2020, 07:11:07 AM »
My problem is exactly the same as reported in this topic:

As it had no solution and the only way to have avast support is through the forum, I want to report the problem here again.

Avast Free does not install. It doesn't give an error, nor any log, it just finishes this part of the installation and doesn't complete anymore. No other screens are displayed and the icon does not appear on the desktop. In addition, when trying to run it from the root folder of the installation in program files, nothing happens either.

I've already wasted hours trying to solve it in every possible way. I downloaded the installer online, offline, uninstalled with avast clear and did all the instructions on that link several times:

It seems to me that it is a problem with the avast installer itself, as there is nothing more to do here. The most I was able to advance was through the offline installer, where I got to this screen. Here, I also wasted more time trying to solve (by enabling the "automatic" option in "Remote Desktop Services"), restarted the computer several times and nothing.

I have also formatted the computer 4 times (yes, seriously), I have disabled the firewall and the installer still has the same problem.

Does anyone else know what I can do, or how to get this problem to someone on the avast team itself? It is absurd for a company like this not to solve this, since several users have the same problem for a long time. Grateful for the attention!
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Re: Avast Free does not install on windows 8.1 at all
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2020, 09:27:38 AM »
Have you used the System File integrity checker? Run the DOS CMD as system administrator and enter the command line 'sfc /scannow'.

Avast gets deep into the system and so is susceptible to malfunctions created by faults Within windows itself.  If Windows is malfunctional, that can cause all sorts of weird issues.  I would look for diagnostics software.  I do not know of any myself never having needed to use such myself.  Others might suggest what could be used.  I am aware that the Windows 8.1 system update procedure has caused problems recently.  I ran 'WindowsUpdate.diagcab' with good results for my problem which seemed to cause problems after system start or restart.  I would also run the Windows drive error checking as I have found that issues there can cause malfunctions like from files being inaccessible.
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