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If you experience any kind (CPU, disk, slowdowns) of performance issue on a computer running Avast  (Windows 8 and above), please try to follow this simple procedure and share the performance logs with us.

- download the configuration file from to some local folder (this step is not necessary on newest installation of Avast Antivirus)
- launch the elevated command line (cmd.exe as Administrator)
- go to the folder with downloaded file avast-profile.wprp
- start recording via command wpr.exe -start avast-profile.wprp (or with newest Avast Antivirus: wpr.exe -start "c:\ProgramData\Avast Software\Avast\profile.wprp")
- reproduce the performance issue (e.g. if this is happening at the very same time, please "just" wait about a minute or two)
- stop recording via command wpr -stop avast-log.etl
- ZIP the log file avast-log.etl and share it via some cloud storage (google-drive, dropbox, one-drive) or avast FTP sever
- provide a link to the zipped log file via avast forum

Thank you very much, this procedure won't collect any documents or personal information from you computer. It is just recording all process activities running on the PC so we can analyze what is happening during the recording period. If you are interested in the analysis yourself, your can use the tool "Windows Performance Analyzer" from "Windows Assessment Toolkit" (

note: if you are running older OS (e.g. Windows 7) you can install the older version of Windows Performance Toolkit ( for 32-bit OS, or for 64-bit OS) and use different start ("xperf.exe -on DiagEasy+DISPATCHER+Profile -stackwalk profile+CSwitch+ReadyThread -start avast -f \avast.etl -on 1492D477-3272-5C0C-D91A-C156CC3CD206") and stop (xperf.exe -stop -stop avast -d avast-log.etl) commands in the procedure above.
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