Author Topic: Boot time scan closing and going to windows splash screen before scanning files  (Read 6498 times)

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Check reply number 10.

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Avast Team,

My Process:
Did a 100% Un-Install and Re-Install of Avast Free
Set the boot time scan to run on next reboot
Downloaded the extra Virus Definitions
Reboot and results in a failure see below and full attachment.....

This is what I see in my log as attached, but this is what the tail of the Log looks like:

avfilesScanAdd *RAW:C:  [Fs: 03e706ff, NTFS; Dev: 07, 00020020]
avfilesScanAdd *STARTUP
avfilesScanRealMulti begin

What I see when it drops the boot scan is the word:  *STARTUP

The scan drops and windows starts up normally.

Could the "Downloaded the extra Virus Definitions" be the killer?


16Gb Ram

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (64-bit)
Ver: 20H2
Build 19042.546
WFP: 120.2212.31.0
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The devs are aware and working on this.
The expected fix time should be next week.
Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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I also had the same issue on my computers, but thanks for working on a fix.

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It´s working again.  Thank you.

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The 201008-6 Virus Definition update fixed my boot scan "closing" problem. Thanks.
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