Author Topic: Avast interferes with saving attachments from Kerio Connect client  (Read 870 times)

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I have Avast 20.8.2432 on Windows 10 v2004. I use Kerio Connect's desktop client (version 9.3.0) to check my work email. If I try to save an attachment from Kerio Connect to my Desktop it will not do so, reporting a crash in the software. If I disable Avast it works fine. And also, if I try to save the attachment to the Kerio Connect application install path (in this case, C:\Users\myusername\AppData\Local\KerioConnect) Avast seems to allow that. How do I tell Avast to allow Kerio Connect to save files wherever I want it to? EDIT: I figured out how to add the program to my exceptions list in Avast and the problem is solved.
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