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Chat Service Sucks
« on: April 07, 2022, 12:34:54 AM »
i want to complain about the Avast chat service. Today i contacted Avast chat because i wanted to ask them to refund my subscriptions. It took 1 hour, and i talked to 5 chat Specialists because they kept changing people in the chat. The contact number for the chat is 15524118. Please know that as a tech/social influencer i report every action of my experiences, especially by a company the size of Avast, on my blog, and i will be relaying to my members that the chat service failed miserably.  Also , the chat screen disappeared when i went to another page on the website. This is a complete technical flaw on your website and it should be  rectified as soon as possible. My experience with Avast is that i am shocked and appalled at the chat service and a company :P of this magnitude should be ashamed that i had to experience this :o.