Author Topic: Can Avast make clearer to users that it is in the process of analyzing a threat?  (Read 5570 times)

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I write software applications for a company that uses Avast for business.  These are .NET desktop applications that are launched from an internal server on their LAN, using Microsoft's ClickOnce deployment mechanism. 

Avast appears to be opening my desktop applications on the user's desktop, then closing them, then reopening them when it has finished analyzing them.  Frequently the users get confused and try to use my program before AVAST has finished its analysis, and the result is that my program does not work. I'm not exactly sure what they're doing because I'm remote and cannot see their screens.

Is there a way to set up Avast so it displays a bright neon-yellow rectangle around the perimeter of the screen while Avast is analyzing for threats, and then have that neon-yellow rectangle disappear when Avast has finished?  Then the users could be told "Wait for the bright neon-yellow rectangle to go away".

Something very simple and very obvious, to let them know to keep their hands off the keyboard.