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« on: October 27, 2020, 03:50:57 PM »
I have a Apple 10 XS Max and has the free Avast AV installed. For a few weeks now multiple times a day, I receive warnings from Avast, “Malicious Website Blocked - “I’ve found nothing online about and nothing when searching in this forum. Is this something to be concerned about?

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Re: Website Blocked By Avast
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2020, 06:40:06 AM »
Witam 123jkh,

This site is not just flagged as a PHISH by avast's but also by Netcrafts as a dangerous website.
Look also here:
With 9 av engines detecting this somain, there is not much room for a False Positive, isn't there.
Sophos even qualifies the website as "sophos   malware repository, spyware and malware".
"No two ways about this". Final URL = -

Site is blacklisted also by Google Safebrowsing and with malware:


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