Author Topic: I have to Disable Free Antivirus 20.9.2437 to download emails with Thunderbird  (Read 618 times)

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Does anybody else have to Disable Free Antivirus 20.9.2437 to then be able to download emails using Thunderbird?

I am using the latest version Thunderbird - 78.5.1.

I love Avast and T'Bird, but something is not right between them.

Even if you have no problems between Avast  20.9.2437 and T'Bird 78.5.1. ... please just say.

Thank You


Wish I'd joined this Forum 3 days ago ... would have saved me lots of frustration!
So thanks @r@vast!

I joined and searched the T'Bird Forum and one (at least) T'Bird Developer blaimed Avast! Cheek!? :) 

Here is the fix from another Topic. Works for me :)


Try to turn off IPv6 in Thunderbird and see if it helps.

Options/Advanced/General/Config Editor

Enter IPv6 in the search bar.

Toggle the setting to:  TRUE
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