Author Topic: Avast NetServer 4.7.599 Exchange plugins errors  (Read 3374 times)

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Avast NetServer 4.7.599 Exchange plugins errors
« on: October 20, 2006, 12:49:52 PM »
Avast NetServer 4.7.599 Exchange plugins

Exchange server 2003

Event id 90
Sign of "Win32:Warezov-MC [Wrm]" has been found in "Љ®­бв ­вЁ­®ў Љ®­бв ­вЁ­ Ђ­ в®«мҐўЁз/ЋвЇа ў«Ґ­­лҐ/FW%3A ‹®ўЁ.EML/Temp.rar\Temp\party.pif\[UPX]" file. 

Event Id 26923
VSAPI: A virus was found in message body part Temp.rar. The message will be processed according to the user-defined rules.

Error Event id 26912
VSAPI: Cannot reload cleaned object Temp.rar from disk. Error code is 0x00000002.

What to do, how to correct?

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Re: Avast NetServer 4.7.599 Exchange plugins errors
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2006, 02:51:56 PM »
1. You can safely ignore the messages, the viruses should be disinfected correctly even though this is logged.

2. It is an interesting implication of the way the avast unpacker now works. That is, if an infected file is the only file in the archive, the archive is deleted in its entirety (yes, it's trying to be smart and not leave any empty archives on the disk). However, it seems that the Exchange plugin somehow doesn't count with that, and logs this warning (error code 00000002 means "file not found" which makes perfect sense as the file was deleted). We will fix this in the next avast program update ("fix" means suppress logging of these messages).

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