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Hello everybody,

we’ve got a little present for you. As you know we are always very interested in your feedback which helps us a lot to sharpen the edges of our products for you. And 2021 won’t be different, actually, we want to start it with another sneak peek into our kitchen where right now we are putting together ingredients for the network security service. It is in the very early stages, yet we still want to showcase it to you and hear your opinions, comments and suggestions.

To give you a bit of context. The new service will aim at the network layer and put the protection there with the ability to reveal what is going on inside your network (internet browsing activity).
The 🔬 inside look into the network is not intending to be a “big brother” it’s meant to really give you a broader context of where could be potential weaknesses, who from your employees might deserve security training, what is causing the internet slowdown etc.
The 🛡 protection itself is meant to block malicious and analyze suspicious websites no matter which network is the end-user connected to. Public, company, home, it really doesn’t matter, thus fully compatible with remote work without a need for VPN.

Without further due, we would really appreciate it if you could take a look at this initial rough prototype and go over our little exercise we prepared for you. It will take you aprox. 5 minutes.
Just remember, the prototype is very rough, purely to illustrate the idea, the capabilities and the data, therefore how it looks is subject to change.

If you will be more comfortable with having a call with us and talk about your feedback this way we will be more than happy to do so. Also, feel free to send your feedback even to my email in case the form of the prototype won’t suit you enough.

Thank you in advance for all your opinions and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a successful and calm 2021.
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