Author Topic: Cant sync to new device. Desperately need help.  (Read 793 times)

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Cant sync to new device. Desperately need help.
« on: January 10, 2021, 08:19:50 AM »
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i cant find my last post, but it was under a different email i registered with and also this is slightly different issue anyway.
I have an iPhone xs max. I had two accounts registered with you guys. IDK why and plan to delete or close on upon resolution of this. this email i have logged in with now, i was not receiving the 6 digit verification codes to sync to new device. I didnt know why. I finally was looking at my avast account and appparently i had added another email address and it was set as primary. I deleted it and made this email address the primary and only one on the account. Now i recieve the codes just fine. However it is asking me for approval from another device. I only have the one phone it is on and the phone needs a new screen/digitizer assemby and battery. It then gives me an option to provide an old password. Im scared to say forgot password. This literally has everything i need in it. I can prove my identity or anything necessary. I have access to ***removed for privacy reasons *** and was working with a support rep from the other post i made but have not received a reply in a couple days and im locked out of like everything as i rely heavily on this. I can not find the identity email from creating it anywhere in my gmail i had to have deleted it because i once had an issue with google where they gave me drive space on google drive for a promo and when it expired i was unable to use any google services like gmail drive photos nothing. i deleted like everything when that happened. they even took away free 5gb increments of drive space i earned for contributions to maps. I want to move everything away from google but i need seriously desperately to recover this first then i will edit the email. please help this is time sensitive. i cant get into anything. i dont remember any other password i may have used for the avast passwords app. i have tried my most commonly used ones. i have always kept it very simple because of how important it is. please please help ill even like buy your product or whatever i dont care i just need access again asap.

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