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Chrome Slow
« on: January 14, 2021, 01:47:13 PM »
I have been using Avast Anti Virus for a few years now with no issues. Today I purchased and downloaded the disk cleanup bundle and the VPN bundle. The disk cleanup worked fine, fixed a heap of stuff apparently, and then was turned off. Seems my issue is with the VPN, Chrome now takes 10-15 seconds to even begin loading a new page. Facebook constantly tells me I have no notifications, when I do, and then suddenly I do again, and messenger keeps connecting and disconnecting. Also, I use Avast Passwords in Chrome, and it tells me that I need to have Avast Antivirus installed for it to work, I DO HAVE IT INSTALLED, I have used passwords I will never remember with that thing, if that stops working I am screwed. What is happening? Is there some setting that I need to change? I can't find anywhere to white list sites, but the delay in loading pages is every time I change pages or open a new window to load a new page. I get that there should be some delay as the program is doing stuff between me requesting and then loading, but 15 seconds? I thought it was seamless, if this is how it is, I will be seeking a refund as I am not a happy customer.
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Re: Chrome Slow
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2021, 01:55:47 PM »
Win8.1 [x64] - Avast PremSec 21.1.2444.Beta2 [UI.595] - EEK - Firefox ESR 78.7 [NS/uBO/PB] - TB 78.6.1
Avast-Tools: Secure Browser 88.0 - Cleanup P 20.1 - SecureLine 5.9 - Driver Updater 20.2 - CCleaner 5.76
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