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VPN no good with security cameras
« on: January 14, 2021, 05:10:42 PM »
I bought VPN last fall and wish I had not wasted the money.  I need to monitor security cameras a little distance away.  And the internet service there is on the low side.  But via regular way works very well.  When through the VPM, I find the service often goes through countries I'd rather not have my security videos go through, and because of the great distance the quality of the video goes down very badly because the speed for such great distance just isn't there, so the video breaks up. 

Then when I want to remotely view my own immediate local security cams, I just can not, because the system has no way to let me do so.  When, I took out Avast VPN and read the material about it.  There was no warning it would not work out for viewing security cams.  I did later find out from tech support it would not work.  I wish I could get my payment refunded, as I was mislead on the purchase for no info on the security cam issues.  No choice but to leave it turned off now.