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overcharged/not working and spam
« on: April 25, 2021, 03:36:57 PM »
I have emailed, called and now im posting here. Since this last big update i have had nothing but probelms. I had a monthly account and then i signed up for my computer I accidentally used a different email. After purchasing the premium avast for the computer, it wanted me to update drivers and add the paid vpn, which i did (you'd think that would all come in one package but i was charged every time)!! So after all that I assumed my mobile device would be premium, but it wasn't I also had to purchase that for multiple devices. So, once i purchased that it kept asking me to do ultimate....i thought okay then maybe this will fix the issue...ill buy the ultimate on multiple devices & everything should be covered and no more asking me to upgrade either. Well its still telling me to upgrade EVERYTIME I OPEN IT...its running the free version!!!!! >:(  Ive emailed and called customer service, which i was on the phone with for over an hour and got no where. I was told to call another dept, which i did. I was told they couldn't look my account up bc it was a mobile purchase (not the computer bc they COULD find that one but no others) pocket and bank statement beg to differ! They both gave me case #'s which were useless when i called back. At the end of that mess, they said i'd be contacted through email. I wasnt contacted, i had to reach out to them by email again....and when i was contacted they told me the same thing that I only had one paid account. They finally offered a refund BUT i would'nt have any of the protection which is NOT what I said i wanted. Worst part of all this is its not working...i have never in my life had sooo many spam calls, spam texts and spam emails since signing up.....(the exact reason i bought the subscription for in the first place!!!!!)
Its like they skipped over the entire email and just went right to the generic answer for a refund/canel.  Its unbelievable...I've literally paid for this like 4x. Id like to keep the ultimate, if it would actually work!!  Im so frustrated at this point that i'm considering canceling everything and switching to something else. If anyone has any advice i'd rerally appreciate it.