Author Topic: Can't log into a membership site without shutting down Core and Web shields  (Read 979 times)

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I have a membership to Yoga International. Haven't been able (recently, since upgrading to Big Sur mac) to log into Yoga International until I shut down Core and Web shields. This sort of defeats the purpose of Avast. So it's a workaround, but a clumsy, time consuming work-around, not a real solution. Can anyone help? PS, there's no way these "letters" to veryify can be read! Aurgh! :-(

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This should go in the Avast Mac Security forum were it is likely to get a better response.  You may even find a similar topic there.

If you can take screenshots of any avast alert or details of any error message (would help) and attach these to your topic (see my attached image) in the Avast Mac Security forum

Ordinarily I wouldn't have thought you would need to disable all core shields, only the web shield (and or set an exclusion for that URL), but I don't use the Avast Mac Security program.

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