Author Topic: Connections to anonymous IP addresses and modified Avast app  (Read 1509 times)

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Connections to anonymous IP addresses and modified Avast app
« on: January 27, 2021, 09:17:51 PM »
I became aware a little while ago I was infected by some type of computer virus which was leaking my passwords.  I've taken steps to prevent it from leaking my passwords, but this includes some software that looks at all network connections made by my computer and selectively blocking suspicious connections.  This software noted two things about Avast:
1. Avast no longer has a checksum that is signed by Avast as an apple-signed application, which means its no longer secure as an app.  Now it seems pretty interesting if hackers decided to hack antivirus software.  If you at avast don't have a good reason for this occurring, I'd be happy to work collaboratively with someone from your org for you to see if hackers are targeting avast.

2. It seems that avast is trying to create connections to seemingly random IP addresses.  I'm unclear if this is because its set up as a VPN and this is something the VPN has to do, or if this means the app is infected by whatever malware/virus I have and this is sending data back to hacker servers.  I suspect its the former as my passwords don't seem to be leaking and I used to allow these connections though more lately I've been denying them to experiment.

Can someone answer these questions when time permits.  I am a paying customer.