Author Topic: Avast browser & "contact us" bs  (Read 307 times)

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Avast browser & "contact us" bs
« on: February 16, 2021, 08:26:29 PM »
First of all... dont have a link for "contact us" AND "forum" when they both lead to the SAME PLACE. Dont con people into thinking they can actually get in contact with someone at avast or an email address for tech support but actually youre just led to a stupid forum that winds up being useless.

But also... with the avast browser.. there is a feature that says " hack protection" or something along those lines and you put in your email and supposedly it will tell you if your email has been hacked. Of course it said I had several accounts with that email that are hacked. BUT THATS IT! Not an ounce of useful info except "yeah you might want to go in and change the passwords for those accounts"...
UMM....excuse me but wtf accounts are potentially hacked? Without any info to which accounts are specifically "hacked" the F am i supposed to fix it? It could be any one of 500 accounts ive had online since 2002! I mean it could be an account I signed up for a dumb online contest from 2009.... which i couldn't give a sh*t if its hacked so why waste my time....or is it like my bank account or email? I mean what help is it to have zero info given to me? Is it a scam? Do I need to upgrade to see which things are hacked? That makes me lose all faith in avasts ability to protect my devices if they have such a juvenile approach to being hacked. Its like one of those buzzfeed quizzes that a 14 year old girl makes up asking me which Harry Potter character I am based on what starbucks drink I like. Its irrelevant without further context.
Seriously avast... get your ish together cause you lost my respect here.
And also I dont trust companies that make it impossible to contact them... but yet they want me to pay them yearly? Nah.
Also...the captcha thing... seriously... if I cant read the letters....then wtf is the point. Dont give me letters that only someone with severe dyslexia could read you dumbf*cks. Putting lines through half of them dont make it any better. How is this determining im not a computer? I woukd think only a computer would be able to read this crap. I think me getting it wrong should prove I'm human ffs.

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Re: Avast browser & "contact us" bs
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2021, 10:10:56 PM »
The captcha is there for the first three posts to keep Spammer away.
If you're talking about HackCheck, maybe this will help,

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