Author Topic: Removal of support for Internet Explorer 11 on Avast Business Hub.  (Read 2820 times)

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Avast Business strives to deliver solutions that fully meet the needs of our customers and partners. To this end, Avast Business Hub will be removing support for Internet Explorer 11, effective immediately. New Business Hub functionality may not work in Internet Explorer, nor will minor bugs or cosmetic issues be fixed for Internet Explorer.

If you are currently using IE 11, we recommend you switch to Edge or another supported browser like Google Chrome or Firefox.

Why is Avast not supporting IE 11?

In 2015, Microsoft released the Edge browser as a replacement for IE. Because of this, Internet Explorer no longer receives major updates with the latest security and functionalities that support complex security platforms like the Business Hub.

Furthermore, the increasing gap between Internet Explorer 11 and all other browsers has resulted in us having to expend considerable effort to avoid and fix defects that only appear in that browser, limiting our technology choices and dampening our ability to deliver the consistent reliability that our customers expect.

Since less than 2% of Avast Business Hub users use IE11 to access the interface, we are removing support to concentrate our efforts on modern browsers with the latest functionality, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge, in order to benefit as many customers as possible.

What do I need to do?

If the Business Hub application is not working as expected or you are experiencing issues, we recommend you to switch over to another supported browser.