Author Topic: fix avast premium and new ideas too  (Read 2647 times)

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fix avast premium and new ideas too
« on: February 19, 2021, 02:36:25 AM »
fix avast there is a bug or something rare

for unknow reason many feature of the anti virus avast premiun  are getting disable this is rare please update all your anti virus feature and detect wtf is disable it the feature i mean if there is a hacker ,malware or someone hidden or ect

update your firewall and add new feature for solid protection
add new feature to the firewall to detect it hacker is trying to acess to your pc or some one is flooding you with a attack or is someone is trying to tampering your sistem or ect

i test your script web protection and sucks  you need to update your web script protection to detect malware and pop up and ect like eset smart security premium that have a super powerful script engine that detect all malware ,adware and stuuf when you are browsing using script webs scanning   you need to improve better web malware and virus and adware and ect protection better still weak this web protection

add bots protection
add botnet protection
add rpd attack protection
add smb protection
add anti keyloger protection
add new method to protect all device even xbox one and or other device
add new method to see hidden device and to remove it incase are hackers
add detect if dns or ip is been change or tamper protection
add check if your network if sending or leaking data to other location
add new method to detect DLL hacking and registry hacking to detect extreme sophisticate hacking attacks and malware
add prevent firewall leak data or been bypass so you can deny or block any network or report it
add improve AI cloud malware scannning and detection
add DOS and ddos attacks protection
add memory attack protection
add storage attack protection
add add anti exploit protection  for ect
test always the firewall most anti virus never test the firewall to check how strong the firewall can protect you when hacker attack you or ect
add improve deep port scan attacks and methods protection
add new LAN encription 4048bit solid multilayer protection
add reinforce website with sanbox if is posible
add intrution prevention protection

i think my computer was compromise i was investigating and the hitman pro was remove

reinforce your anti virus completely and make a more powerful firewall

ect just helping