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NEW version: 21.1.1451
« on: February 24, 2021, 02:47:45 PM »
Hello everyone,

New version 21.1.1451 of Avast Battery Saver product has just been released!

What's new in Avast Battery Saver product?
  • Improved accessibility — Our interface is now better suited for all users.
  • Fixed - We made some under-the-hood improvements and fixed some bugs to keep Battery Saver running smoothly.

How you can get the latest version?
  • If you already have Battery Saver installed on your computer, you can just wait for the automatic update.
  • Or in case you don't want to wait or you don't have it at all, you can download and install it from this link:
  • NOTE: This product does not have a Free version, however you can check the basics in the UI even without a valid license.

Enjoy the latest version!

Thank you,
Avast team.