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Avast Business Hub 8.15
« on: February 25, 2021, 09:45:58 AM »
We're pleased to announce that Avast Business Hub 8.15 has been released! (February 24, 2021).

The release brings support for managing Master Agents from the Business Hub along with the support for having multiple local update servers in a single company.
The release brings several quality of life improvements and bug fixes.

New Feature(s) & Enhancements
•   Added support for having multiple local update servers in one company so that various servers can be used in different networks or can be used in a single large network to offset the traffic.
•   Master Agent functionality was moved to the device detail and removed from the General settings (Business Console UI).
•   Ability to enable Master Agent functionality was added to device detail (Business Hub).
•   Master Agent functionality combines the local update server and remote deployment functionality.
•   Information about Master Agents, update servers was added to the Devices page and Devices page export.
•   Added ability to control the console with a keyboard (Business Hub only)

Resolved issues
•   Fixed an issue with policies unable to save in some cases
•   Fixed an issue with getting an internal server error when accessing specific policies
•   Fixed several issues when policies were showing errors after changing the settings
•   Fixed an issue with dismissing alerts from the multi-tenant console
•   Fixed an issue where the Real Site is turned off after it was enabled in a policy
•   Fixed an issue with PDF reports not being generated in some rare cases
•   Fixed an issue where screen readers were not able to read support contact information
•   Fixed an issue where it wasn’t possible to set Patch deployment to daily

Known issues
CBC-9920   Multiple email notifications for one threat event are generated
CBC-10503   False protection components disabled alerts
CBC-11805   Incorrect subscription usage shown in the console
CBC-12938   Stopping task for patch deployment doesn’t work
CBC-13044   Devices with incorrect last seen date and reinstall history
CBC-14264   An error is shown after Remote Deployment
CBC-15239   Devices showing wrongly expired licenses
CBC-15246   Real Site component turned off automatically upon turn on
CBC-15273   An error after policy update

Avast Business Cloud Management Console 8.15
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