Author Topic: Need some Help with Cleanup Premium on multiple billing/subscription issues  (Read 856 times)

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The product is working fine, that's not the issue.  3 areas where I need help:

1.  We have a small 2 person home based business.  My business partner just passed away recently and I'm trying to get all subscriptions figured out. I just received notice that my next annual subscription was just billed...which is fine...I just need to put it on a different card.  The charge is to the deceased partners card and I'd like it to be billed to my card.  Refund on old card and rebill on my card. I need to speak to someone to get this handled.

2.  I checked our subscriptions this morning, it shows I have 2 subscriptions.  the one that just renewed a few days ago....and another set to renew in June 2021.  Currently, there is only one computer running Avast Cleanup Premium.  So I need to figure out the 2nd subscription issue.  It's possible that has been being billed for a long time to a computer no longer in service.  Refund or is it on a device my partner set up and I just don't know?  I need to discuss this, not just read info on a FAQ.

3.  Is it possible to convert Cleanup Premium to an Avast Ultimate (multi device) subscription?  I'd like to do that.

So if someone with Avast or in the know can help me, that would be great.

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You should be able to do this through the
Sales change order details wrong email address given, etc. - Submit a support ticket in your case select the Billing, payment, or license issues option - and then the I have a different billing or license issue and click Next and follow.  You can explain the issue there and perhaps give a link back to this topic.

If you can't recall or find your OrderID Number use 0000000 that should get you past that hurdle.

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