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« on: March 07, 2021, 06:25:35 AM »

I have noticed while running the ipconfig command on Command prompt that my DNS suffix is After some research as to why that is I find that there is a DNS hijacking malware on my computer. I have searched the internet and found some forum threads and unfortunately none of the suggestions have provided a solution that worked. I have even noticed a now closed thread right here at :

I have even purchased Avast Premium since one of the solutions mentioned running a network scan to solve the issue but on my end nothing occurred. I have ran a full system scan with MalwareBytes and Avast with no results as well as trying the mentioned techniques. I have also restarted the modem to factory settings but while that was happening I was testing my laptop on other networks and I still have the same DNS suffix.

I have attached what I see on Command Prompt as well as the necessary files as mandated by the forum for finding a solution. Hopefully we can help find a solution so nobody has to deal with this monstrosity again
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