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Interactive vs Continuous Scan
« on: December 11, 2006, 05:45:50 PM »
I started a Scan last nite and this morning found Avast has stopped - and asked a question about deleting an infected file.  It was great for Avast to find the infection...but I was hoping the Scan would continue...and I would get a summary of the results.  Then I could tel Avast what to do.

Can the free version of Avast Home operate this way?
What are the settings to ensure the scan does not stop with notifications?


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Re: Interactive vs Continuous Scan
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2006, 05:56:50 PM »
These advanced automated options are only available in the Pro version.

My own feeling on this is you should use the default interactive action. This way you know exactly what is going on with your system. If you are getting so many warnings, that you want to automate this process.

That is a restriction of the free home version, the pro version doesn't require interactive input.

Whilst this is a bit of a pain you would first have to respond to the first detection and tick the don't show this again, it would then complete the scan and present a list of infected files and you can then decide on the action to take, move to the chest, etc. This only lasts for the duration of that scan subsequent scans would stop on first detection.

After having avast for a while the resident scanners should stop it getting to your hard drive so there is likely to be nothing to find.

You also didn't say what type of scan you did, I suspect Local disks, Thorough, with Archives. Archive (zip, etc.) files are by their nature are inert, you need to extract the files and then you have to run them to be a threat. Long before that happens avast's Standard Shield should have scanned them and before an executable is run that is scanned. Thorough is also by its design very thorough and perhaps a little overkill for routine use, were a Standard scan without archives should be adequate.

I have only ever done a through scan with archives once shortly after installation just to ensure a clean start state, but with XP for example avast will do a boot-time scan after installation if you select it, this I believe will be quicker and reasonably effective. Like everything in life things are a compromise.
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