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about scanning WSH...
« on: December 23, 2006, 06:51:56 PM »
I installed avast! home in my PC.
I find it's easy to use and protective enough for me.
But I still have a quetion.
On the web it says "scipt blocker" only for pro.Then I find avast! home can also scan the WSH-scipt files...
Is there any difference between the two?

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Re: about scanning WSH...
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2006, 06:54:48 PM »
Then I find avast! home can also scan the WSH-script files...
The Script Blocker is a special module for script scanning on-the-fly.
The script file will be scanned with Standard Shield when it starts to run.

Well, as far I understand...
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