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Re: XP license questions
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The day that happens I believe there will be a lot of takers and Bill Gates will be a worried man.

He may already be worried as IE & WindowsMediaPlayer are no longer supported in Macs. ;D

I heard Bill Gates owns some Apple stock & he may be the driving force to keep OSX off PCs.

It is unfair to be able to run Windows on Macs, but not Mac OS on Windows.  A good lawyer could burn Apple big time on that.  Such things happen all the time in courtrooms.

Why do they call Windows computers PC, but not Macs?  Aren't Macs personal computers? ;D

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Re: XP license questions
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Macs are personal Computers but we dont call them PCs because  PCs have always used x86 (like the IBM PC an hence the name) and Macs used PowerPC (until this year of course)

Todays Macs can be called PCs as they are virtually the same except for PC uses BIOS and Mac uses EFI

More in EFI:
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