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Google images URL phishing
« on: April 07, 2021, 01:25:11 PM »
Hello. I'll go to the point. Today i was searching for something through google images on google chrome web browser and when i clicked one image preview from Amazon site i got a pop-up from Avast with information: "threat neutralized". The url of blocked site was different than the one i was previewing and it was blocked because it contained: "URL:Phishing". URL in that popup was a site with direction to a jpg file. I did check that blocked by Avast url at virustotal and 3 scanners found it as a malware, 3 other as suspicious. My question is, can i get infected just only by previewing/scrolling through google images? And why Avast acted like that if i didn't opened that site or even clicked a preview of the image? That blocked site probably may have been there as a suggested picture somewhere below the site of which i was previewing the picture (from Amazon) but i'm not sure. I panicked, because i've been using my OS for 3 years and haven't been infected even once or even got a pop-up about neutralizing the threat, because i avoid stuff i don't know, like sites or files. I always thought i CAN'T get infected by anything when i ONLY scroll or even click preview images from google images page, not going directly to the page. I would like to have a clear answer about it.

If that matters, i have the latest AV version, up to date.
Avast found it with "WebShield", in process: chrome.exe