Author Topic: Good writeup on "antimalware technology evolution"  (Read 1812 times)

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Good writeup on "antimalware technology evolution"
« on: January 08, 2007, 06:24:37 PM »

read it at Sunbelt Blog

it contain nice sum up of antimalware and antivirus evolution in war against threats , about future
plus it include some nice details about upcoming Sunbelt product CounterSpy v2 ...
you can download BETA from

and that part is interesting for AV users , theirs so called "VIPRE" technology and "heuristic" approach :)
also would be nice to mention they gunna use same bootscan technique like used in avast!
(funny how he thinks they first and only ;)

anyway from my 'little' testing of VIPRE and theirs packers analyzer etc. it could become threat to most of smaller AVs
as it can nearly always identify any re-packed or morphed malware ... (ie this is where Avast! lacks now ...) , Tech. Community, Online Services & Distribution manager of Bohemia Interactive