Author Topic: Decided to no longer use AVAST products, please delete my account data on the se  (Read 2352 times)

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Hello Administrator,
I will delete the account in "Account Settings". Please help me to delete the data on the server to avoid receiving your company's advertising letter later.
Since I have always subscribed to AVAST software, all the computers in my home now have AVAST under my account management. But a few years ago my wife purchased AVAST anti-virus software separately, because my negligence did not turn off the automatic subscription she purchased, which resulted in repeated subscriptions for me and my wife this year.
Two factors made me decide to never use AVAST products again:
1. My wife's subscribed mailbox address is no longer used, and the automatic subscription deducts money without receiving the user's confirmation reply, which makes me feel that your company does not respect the user's wishes and the due notification obligation. Of course I know it’s my fault that I didn’t confirm the subscription status, but notifying a "no longer used mailbox" is a very stupid act!
2. When I received the bill in February 2021, I immediately submitted the customer service assistance to AVAST for the cost of repeated collection, but I did not receive any assistance afterwards ANYMORE! Then I had to file a transaction dispute with the bank, but I only got the subscription notice sent to the "no longer used mailbox" provided by AVAST! I didn't see your company trying to understand or clarify the content of the incident. The very failed customer service made me feel angry and only money transactions!
Only the exchange of data is a common problem in modern society, and it will not be the object I want to continue dealing with!