Author Topic: Avast Driver Updater corrupted my Win 10 OS!  (Read 427 times)

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Avast Driver Updater corrupted my Win 10 OS!
« on: April 22, 2021, 04:22:50 PM »

Not very pleased with Avast at the moment.  I have 5 PAID subscriptions for Avast products (Premium Security, Premium Cleanup, SecureLine VPN, BreachGuard and Avast Driver Updater) and earlier in the week there was some sort of update to Premium Security then I had a notification that I had 4 outdated drivers by Avast Driver Updater, so logically I said ok and updated them (all 4 were from AMD).  Once that was done I was directed to reboot my PC.  Following the reboot, I could no longer log into my user account (I do have admin priv) saying my login PIN was no longer working and to either change my pin or login using my windows live password.  Setting up a new pin did not work and when trying my password it said my password was not correct!! My windows password works fine on my other laptop and my phone so not an issue there.  Even doing a system restore from multiple restore points would not work (of course).. When I tried to perform a system restore from the main boot recovery screen it for some reason kept asking for a password also and would not work :(  I then even tried to boot off my recovery CD that I created a few months ago but although the restore moved further along (meaning it did not ask for a password this time), the restore failed after 2 hours saying there was some issue with the WindowsApps directory with a destination of AppxStaging.  I tried this with 2 other restore points.  I then followed a method to (using the cd since even command line was asking for a PWD which again was not working - probably corrupted) use the cmd line to rename the WindowsApps dir but for some reason the system restore failed with the same error (not sure why since there is no WindowsApps dir present).  I ended up discussing with Microsoft and ended up performing a Custom Install of the OS (it backs up all files/folders and renames it "windows.old") and had to recreate my user account.  Been restoring / re-installing all my apps since but this time I was able to log in at least  >:(

So suffice to say, my PC was working FINE prior to doing the Avast Premium Security update as well as the driver updates so I am NOT happy as I lost 3 days of my time because of this corruption.

I think I may drop my subscription to Avast Driver Updater since I cannot trust it will not corrupt my account/PC again!

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Re: Avast Driver Updater corrupted my Win 10 OS!
« Reply #2 on: April 23, 2021, 11:49:52 AM »
I also have several Avast products Avast products (Premium Security, Premium Cleanup, SecureLine, Driver Updater) and have actually been satisfied so far, except for the fact that Avast uses more and more resources, sometimes slowing down the PC quite a bit. Until the super disaster happened through Driver Updater: It's been the same for me. After updating some drivers with Driver Update it started with numerous blue screens, all automatic repairs of Windows failed, even manual repair attempts, creation of system restore points, Acronis Backup failed. I was advised to reset the PC ..... 😲😤😡🤬 I definitely didn't want that. Thank goodness I had manually created a system image at the end of March. The import then worked. I uninstalled this ... &% !! §! Driver Updater immediately and will NEVER use it AGAIN.

Auch ich habe mehrere Avast Produkte  Avast-Produkte (Premium Security, Premium Cleanup, SecureLine, Driver Updater) und war eigentlich bisher zufrieden, bis auf die Tatsache, dass Avast immer mehr und mehr Ressourcen verbraucht, den PC teilweise ganz schön ausbremst. Bis dann der Super Gau durch Driver Updater passiert ist: Mir ist es genauso ergangen. Nach dem Update von einigen Treibern durch Driver Update ging es los mit zahlreichen Bluescreens, alle automatischen Reparaturen von Windows schlugen fehl, auch manuelle Reparaturversuche, Herstellung von Systemwiederherstellungspunkt, Acronis Backup schlugen fehl. Man riet mir den PC zurückzusetzen..... 😲😤😡🤬das wollte ich auf keinen Fall. Gott sei Dank hatte ich Ende März noch manuell ein Systemabbild erstellt. Das Einspielen hat dann geklappt. Ich habe diesen ...&%!!§! Driver Updater sofort deinstalliert und werde ihn NIE WIEDER nutzen.